Development As a Passion

Malik Developments epitomizes "development as a passion" in totality. It serves as our compass which guides us towards creating world class quality products and workmanship. It guides us to be transparent in all our dealings and adhere to delivery on time, each time.

We draw heavily from the innate qualities of our founder, Ilyas Malik in imbibing and actually living the brand. Simply put, this means that we do not cut corners towards making. Our work revolves around creating quality with immense passion like Ilyas Malik himself - the builder extraordinaire, who revolutionized the way people perceive quality in realty sector.

Our track record of being a reliable and trustworthy builder with a repertoire of branded properties across Canada and Oman speaks for itself. We have changed the skyline in Oman and have created some of Muscat’s most luxurious landmarks. We also on-going developments in some of Eastern Canada’s most affluent neighborhoods.

As we peep into the future, we remain firmly committed towards creating urban living spaces where people can live, work and play smart. We are acutely conscious of the fact that due to rapid urbanization, there are huge challenges and as a responsible real estate player we shall continue to provide intelligent solutions in manners which are sustainable.

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