1. What does Malik Developments do?

We are a privately held real estate development and investment firm based across Muscat, Oman and Toronto, Canada. We specialize in land acquisition, holding, and construction of mixed-use properties, and have extensive experience in re-zoning to ensure the most efficient use of a property. Our foundation in real estate development is rooted across two generations dating back to 1998.

2. What is your development experience?

We have developed over 5 million gross square feet of land over the last decade.

3. Why should we choose Malik Developments for our next project?

As one of the fastest growing companies across the Sultanate of Oman and Canada’s real estate industry, Malik Developments has projects across Muscat and Toronto, including apartments, office spaces, shops, row houses and villas in hand-picked locations. With more than 20 years of experience, our core team has developed a keen insight into the expectations of its clients and have come to develop a proven record of excellence. We always look to the future – to create beautiful yet durable projects and build enduring relationships.

4. How long has Malik Developments been in business?

We have been exceeding client expectations for the past 21 years, and are widely recognised in the real estate industry for our transparency and reliability.

5. What type of developments does Malik Developments undertake?

Together with our partners, we have extensive experience in the development of condominium complexes, hotels, hotel apartments, mix-use communities, golf course properties, luxury houses as well as retail and commercial centres. We continuously seek to develop properties that are affordable, high quality, suitable to a range of needs and uses, sustainable and attractive.

6. Can Malik Developments advise me of a particular property's development potential?

Yes. We are experts in recognizing and helping you achieve your property’s full market potential. Our team has extensive entitlement and development experience. Additionally, our comprehensive network of partnered engineers, land planners, local politicians, land use attorneys, tax attorneys and other real estate professionals are available on an as-needed basis to ensure your project’s success.

7. Can Malik Developments handle my zoning needs?

All our developments begin only after in-depth research on the title and confirmation of the zoning status. All necessary official permissions are obtained before construction work begins on site.

8. What do I need to do before investing in Malik Developments?

You’ll want to secure enough capital before you even begin searching for your first real estate investment property. Most of our clients arrange for at least $100,000 (CAD) to secure and ensure a smooth closing for an investment that meets their criteria.

9. How do I know if a property is the right fit for my goals?

Every investor has different goals and strategies that comes along with experience. However, you don’t have to rely solely on yourself to make this decision. Malik Development provide you with a detailed packet including similar recently sold properties. Our price is based on this information and the repairs needed for the subject property to reach market value. Where the inexperienced real estate investor may take weeks or longer to decide on a particular property, the experienced investor makes the decision in a matter of minutes based on the numbers. The difference between these two types of investors comes down to market knowledge, access to a proven list of vendors, and having financing pre-established.

10. How should I approach evaluating a property?

When you engage in evaluating an investment property, you should keep in mind your unique goals, ability to manage risk, and the amount of money and time you are willing to invest to achieve your stated goals. Then, consider these next six steps:

1) Determine your exit strategy (buy/fix/sell, buy/fix/rent, or creative financing).

2) Determine the ARV based on comparable properties.

3) Determine the rehab costs to bring the property up to desired ARV or rent-ready status.

4) Determine the expected days on market based on comparable properties and market conditions.

5) Consider potential risks that may limit your upside (i.e. proximity to commercial, nonconforming property, located in flood plain, etc.).

6) Determine your expected net profit and return.

11. How do I know if I’m getting a good deal with Malik Developments?

Whether a property is a good deal or not is subjective to each individual investor. Some investors have a minimum dollar amount they want to profit on a flip while others seek a target return on their investment. Either strategy is fine, you need to judge this yourself.

Before buying any investment-grade property it is essential for you to understand your objective and goals. You can then apply your objectives to the property listings that we provide to you so that you are able to determine which of our properties match your goals.

We will provide you with a packet containing recently sold and pending properties similar to the subject property; however, it is your obligation to confirm this information based on your own, independent research.

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