Business Tower 1 Welcomes Diverse Array of New Tenants
Jan 01, 2024

Business Tower 1 has recently welcomed a diverse array of new tenants, both corporations and private entities. This surge in occupancy can be attributed to the tower's prime central location and its striking design, making it the go-to choice for businesses in The Sultanate seeking a prestigious address.

The property’s central location at The Boulevard by Muscat Hills not only ensures convenience for employees and clients but also places businesses in the midst of a thriving commercial landscape. The building's striking design has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in attracting premier tenants. The decision of corporations like Al Muftah Group, Eihad Engineering Services, WeTrade Contracting, SPD Services, Hamoud Law Associates, Bayanat IT Services, Key Hope Shipping, Prestige Design, Badar Engineering Consultancy, and Jeffery Logistics to secure office space in Business Tower 1 is a testament to the tower's allure.

As these tenants settle into their new offices, Business Tower 1 anticipates becoming a bustling epicenter of commerce, where companies from various industries converge for mutual growth and success. Muscat Hills expresses pride in providing a space that goes beyond the conventional, offering a blend of convenience and elegance that is second to none.

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