Renowned Business Magnate Nailesh Khimji Shifts Personal Office to The Business Tower at Muscat Hills
Dec 27, 2023

In a significant move that underscores his commitment to innovation and strategic growth, Nailesh Khimji, the Director at Khimji Ramdas, one of Oman's oldest and most esteemed business conglomerates, is in the final stages of completing the relocation of his personal office to The Business Tower at Muscat Hills.

Khimji Ramdas, with a rich legacy spanning 151 years, has been a trailblazer in Oman's business landscape. Under the visionary leadership of Nailesh Khimji, the conglomerate has continued to thrive, diversify, and contribute significantly to the economic development of the Sultanate.

The decision to move his personal office to The Business Tower reflects Nailesh Khimji's forward-thinking approach and his eagerness to embrace contemporary business environments. The Business Tower, situated in the heart of Muscat Hills, is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and prime location, making it a preferred choice for discerning business leaders.

The meticulous process of moving into the new office is nearing completion, with the fit-outs currently being installed in the expansive 1000 square feet space. The new office is expected to be a dynamic hub for strategic planning, decision-making, and collaboration, reflecting Nailesh Khimji's dedication to fostering innovation and excellence within Khimji Ramdas.

Speaking about the move, Nailesh Khimji stated, "The decision to relocate my personal office to The Business Tower aligns with our commitment to adapt to evolving business landscapes. This move will not only enhance our operational efficiency but also provide a conducive environment for creative thinking and collaboration." 

The Business Tower at Muscat Hills has become a hub for leading businesses and entrepreneurs, offering a sophisticated work environment that combines functionality with aesthetics. The tower's strategic location, coupled with its modern amenities, positions it as a premier business destination in Oman.

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