Texas-based Energy Technology Leader, Nabors Industries (NYSE: NBR), Expands Presence in Oman
Dec 22, 2023

In a significant move signaling its commitment to the Omani market, Nabors Industries (NYSE: NBR), a global oil and gas drilling contractor, has secured over 5000 square feet of office space at The Business Tower in Muscat Hills. The expansive office will serve as the company's Omani headquarters, marking a strategic foothold in the region for the American energy giant.

The Business Tower offers a prime location for Nabors Industries to conduct its operations and reinforce its presence in the vibrant energy landscape of Oman. This expansion is seen as a testament to the company's long-term vision and commitment to fostering growth in the Sultanate.

This move represents a strategic decision for Nabors Industries as it establishes its Omani headquarters at The Business Tower. Oman's energy sector plays a pivotal role in the global landscape, and this expansion allows the company to better serve it’s clients in the region.

As Nabors Industries progresses with its fit-outs, the Omani headquarters is expected to become fully operational in the coming months. The company's investment in this new space underscores its confidence in the Omani market and its commitment to contributing to the development of the local energy sector.

The Business Tower is known for its modern amenities, superior infrastructure, and a conducive environment for business growth. Nabors Industries' choice of this location reflects its dedication to providing its employees with a dynamic and collaborative workspace.

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